Icon HP.png HP no data Icon Gun.png Firepower no data
Icon Armor.png Armor no data Icon Torpedo.png Torpedo no data
Icon Evasion.png Evasion no data Icon AA.png AA no data
Icon Aircraft.png Aircraft no data Icon ASW.png ASW no data
Icon Speed.png Speed no data Icon LOS.png LOS no data
Icon Range.png Range no data Icon Luck.png Luck no data
Build Time Slot
Unbuildable no data
Stock Equipment Icon Aircraft.pngSpace
no data -
no data -
no data -
no data -
  • Parameters need not follow the order shown below, however it is highly recommended for easier editing
  • Empty or parameters left out will be autofilled with "no data" (except the "time" slot which autofilled with "Unbuildable")
  • Color Rarity; use color= ( skyblue / cyan / silver / gold / violet )
  • For ships without aircraft capabilities, use Template:Shipinfo
| name=Kaga Kai
| japanesename=加賀改
| id=007b
| image=[[File:007b.png]]
| color=violet| type=Aircraft Carrier
| class=Kaga
| firepower=6 (49)
| torpedo=0
| AA=42 (79)
| LOS=61 (89)
| ASW=0
| luck=12
| hp=79
| armor=45 (79)
| evasion=39 (69)
| aircraft=98
| speed=High
| range=Short
| time=Lv30 Remodel
| slot=4
| slot1=Type 52 Zero Fighter
| slot2=Suisei (Comet)
| slot3=Type 97 Torpedo Bomber
| slot4=-Unequipped-
| space1=20
| space2=20
| space3=46
| space4=12
รับข้อมูลจาก ""

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